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We advocate for homeowners and business owners when their insurance company has denied or undervalued their insurance claim on their home or business.


Fact:  Insurance companies care more about paying a dividend to their shareholders than paying claims to their clients.


Another Fact:  Public Adjusters are licensed by the State of Oklahoma to advocate for homeowners and business owners to ensure a fair claim settlement and to represent their best interests.

Fire Damage Claims &

Smoke Damage Claims

When you suffer a fire in your home, whether it is completely destroyed or just partially damaged, you need an advocate to help you.  Insurance company's first instinct is to look for fraud when this happens, as a fire can be costly to them.  If they can find a way not to pay for the damage, they will try to do so.  If you think you are being treated unfairly or if you want to be represented, so you do not have to deal with the headache, give us a call.  A house fire not only causes direct damage with the flames, but there may also be indirect damages that are hidden.  Only an expert will be able to help you with these hidden damages.  These indirect damages are things your insurance company may try not to pay you for.  We handle the following for you when you let us represent you in your fire insurance claim.


  • Fire Damage Additional Living Expenses (Hotel, Temporary Housing, Accommodations, Etc.)

  • Fire Damage Personal Property Inventory & Valuation (Clothing, Furniture, Appliances, Etc.)

  • Fire Damage Structural Evaluation (Framing, Roof Decking, Foundation Cracking From Heat, Etc.)

  • Fire Damage Repair Estimating (Estimating using Xactimate, which is the same program insurance uses.)

  • Fire Damage Restoration Coordination (Fire Remediation, Smoke Cleaning, Water Damage Cleanup, Etc.)

  • Smoke Damage Personal Property Inventory & Valuation (Cleaning Smoke from Clothing, Furniture, Etc.)

  • Smoke Damage Evaluation (Hidden Smoke Damage Investigation in Walls, Ceiling, Wall Insulation, Attic Insulation, Framing, Attic Framing, Doors, Windows, Cabinetry, Etc.)

  • Smoke Damage Restoration Coordination (Smoke Cleaning from Walls, Ceiling, Flooring, Cabinetry, Etc.)

  • Water Damage from Fire Department (Water Damage from Fire Department Putting Out the Fire can be hidden in the walls causing Mold Growth.)

We have represented homeowners and business owners in fire damage claims and smoke damage claims for house fires and business fires against State Farm Claims, Farmers Insurance Claims, Liberty Mutual Claims, Progressive Insurance Claims, SafeCo Insurance Claims, Allstate Insurance Claims, AAA Insurance Claims, Travelers Insurance Claims, and many more.

Wind Damage Claims &

Hail Damage Claims


When severe weather strikes, the last thing we think about is the potential damage that their home may have sustained.  Like you, our family's safety is the most important thing to us.  It is recommended to have your roof and exterior of your home inspected at least once per year.  This will help identify any potential wind damage or hail damage to your home.  It can also help identify any potential maintenance issues with the roof.  At Adjust-A-Claim, we offer a full property inspection absolutely free.  We are not roofers or roof salespeople, we are highly trained public insurance adjusters with the skills and knowledge to accurately evaluate your home for wind damage and hail damage.  We know what to look for and we know what insurance companies are looking for to total your roof.  As your trusted advisors, we are not desperate to sell you a new roof, so you can be sure that we will be honest and accurate every time.  Hail damage to your roof may not seem like a big deal, because you may not have leaks coming through to the inside of your home.  We are here to tell you that we have seen mold in attics many times from small leaks that hail damage can cause.  When hail hits your roof, it knocks the protective layer of granules off, exposing the matting of the shingles.  This matting is what keeps your roof from leaking.  Once the matting is exposed to the sun's UV rays, the process of UV degradation begins.  This will slowly deteriorate the matting on your shingles allowing water to enter the layer between the shingles and underlayment on the roof.  Once the water has gotten between those layers, it is only a matter of time before the roof will begin to leak in the attic.  Here are some potential issues that you could run into if you do not have your roof inspected after a hail storm or wind storm:


  • Roof Leaks Caused By Hail Damage & Wind Damage
  • Mold In Your Attic Caused By Small Hail Damage Pinhole Leaks
  • Lower Home Value Due to Hail Damage & Wind Damage
  • Delay the Closing Date When Selling Your Home, When Your Home Inspector Discovers It After You Accept An Offer (It takes 2-4 weeks on average to get a homeowners roof claim approved and paid.)
  • Most Insurance Companies Will Deny Your Hail Damage Claim, If You Wait More Than 1 Year To File Your Roof Claim.  (With modern storm technology, it is easy for insurance companies to pinpoint the last hail storm to impact your home.)
    • State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, and many other insurance companies have a 365-day exclusion in their homeowners policies for wind damage and hail damage claims.  If you file a claim more than 1 year after the home has sustained damage, they will deny your claim and in most cases, cancel your policy.  New hail damage is dark because the shingle matting is recently exposed and old hail damage is light grey or white, so there is no fooling experienced adjusters on the age of the hail damage.

So next time you have a wind storm or a hail storm hit your home, call us for a free roof inspection and exterior inspection for peace of mind.  If you have damage, we will help you through the entire process and then we will pair you up with one of our referral partner contractors to get the work completed.  The best way to determine if you have hail damage to your roof without climbing on it is to look for dents in your gutters or roof granules in your gutters, as hail will dislodge the granules from your roof shingles washing them into the gutters.

Water Damage Claims &

Broken Pipe Claims


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Mold Damage Claims &

Asbestos Abatement Claims


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